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Black Studies: Workshop Program  




Thursday   Arrive University of Illinois Urbana        
July 24, 2008   Reception documentation
  session| title   video audio powerpoint
Friday 1| Theoretical Overview (Alkalimat)   P P P
  2| Three cases of practice (Bailey, Banks, Allen)   P P


  3| Emerging Research part 1     P  
  4| Emerging Research part 2     P  
Saturday 5| H-Afro-Am and Wiki     P  
  6| Cooperative Research Network (CRN)     P  
  7| Software technologies     P  
  8| Palaver eBlack     P  
Sunday 9| eBlack Workshop Consensus     P  
  10| Networking for the future     P  

Department of African-American Studies, University of Illinois Urbana 
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