Join us in building a
documentary history of black studies

We started this project with a team of four graduate students in Department of African American Studies @ the University of Illinois UC.  Each of them has compiled and edited a campus volume that is posted as a PDF:

Northwestern University

University of Illinois @ Springfield

Loyola University

South Suburban Community College

We are in the first year of a three year project to do 20 institutions in the state of Illinois.



After 40 years of success we are proposing a collaborative research project to gather a comprehensive documentary history of Black Studies.  Every story needs to be told, campus by campus, and generation by generation.  In the spirit of the slave narratives we are reaching out to the 500 or so institutions that have ever had some kind of Black Studies program.  It is time to gather the primary documents and historical trend data to institutionalize a national data set that empirically describes the Black Studies project.

Project: Gather 300-400 pages of documentary evidence of Black Studies on a specific campus

Funding: we are providing $300 for each of the first 10 project proposals accepted

Contact: Abdul Alkalimat (

Deadline for Fall 2010: May 1, 2010


Your invitation to participate ...

Send an email to that answers three questions:

 What campus experience will you document?

 What is your relationship to this campus/ Why this campus?

 When would you do this research?


The Proposal: We want to recruit you to begin a documentary project on your campus � where you are a student, doing research, or perhaps your alma mater, etc.  There are many options:

 Class assignment

 Work study, student research assistant

 By product of an existing or past research project

 One format for a (auto)biographical documentation

 Collaboration with the campus library

 Honors project

The Incentives:

 Your work would be of great historical importance, and have a long shelf life.

 It would provide a by line on a research monograph

 We are providing $300 for each of  the first 10 project proposals accepted

 There would be great visibility in the profession of Black Studies

 Important companion volumes for studies of a particular campus


Deadline for Fall 2010: May 1, 2010



What have we done so far?
We have been generating empirical information on the discipline of Black Studies:

Degree programs nationally

Degree programs in New York

Degree programs in California

Black Studies journals

Given these national trends, we are now digging into the trenches and focusing on the Black Studies experience campus by campus.  We want to turn this history upside down � let our feet talk for a change.


Please join us in this great historical project.