A life worth living is one worth sharing. This website is a collection of documents I have been part of creating over 50 plus years. Some are from an academic career. Others are from my movement activism. And still others combine the two.

Digging in my archive has brought so many people to mind. My too fast motion separated us. Thank you to family, friends, and comrades near and far for your support and collaboration.

For my generation, this site may jog your memory. May you find something you missed before! For young scholars and activists, this site gives you a look at what we of the 60s generation accomplished. May you find positive examples as well as things to avoid. But we stand on our record. We tried hard. The slogan I invented in 1977 for Black Studies is a banner we all need to hold high: Academic Excellence and Social Responsibility.

There are several hundred items here. Take your time to check what interests you. One place to start is a video about my archive. If you are motivated give me a holla and let's talk about it. I look forward to learning from you.