Dialectics of Liberation book cover.

My new 2022 book is Dialectics of Liberation: The African Liberation Support Committee. It tells how a coalition of Black activist groups backed African peoples' movements toward independence and revolution. Purchase here and join a book event below!

My family background is activism. I am the fifth generation working for Black liberation. My great-great-grandfather Free Frank McWorter purchased 16 family members out of slavery and turned his farm into a station on the Underground Railroad. For details see this book by my cousin, or the local history group, the family, the University of Illinois, and the University of Maryland.

My past practice includes the full spectrum from Civil Rights to Black liberation to the anti-capitalist struggle. One focus of my work has been Malcolm X. My current focus is on a campaign to rebuild the Black liberation movement as part of the Black Left Unity Committee. In this context I co-authored and edited the following: Draft Freedom Manifesto, Towards Black Liberation, Three Waves, and a weekly Bulletin.

Book Events in Spring 2022

  • February 3: University of North Carolina: Sonja Stone Center for Black Culture and History YouTube video
  • February 21: Interview on Africa Today show on KPFA  Audio link
  • May 23: Presentation and discussion with Organization for Black Struggle YouTube link

ALSC Documents and Video

  • 1972 African Liberation Day video link
  • 1972 Black Unity: Breaking the Chains of Oppression
  • 1974 ALSC Conference debate at Howard University link
  • 1977 ALSC Chicago demonstration
  • 1987 Forum on 15th Anniversary of African Liberation Day 1972
  • Part one
  • Part two
  • ALSC Statement of Principles pdf
  • Documentary History of Peoples College in ALSC link

More Movies Online

  • 1966 Battle of Algiers film link
  • 1970 Angola: Victory is Certain
  • 1971 FRELIMO: The Struggle Continues - A Luta Continua link
  • 1972 PAIGC: A World in Action link

All my work is part of a collective process, sometimes but not always acknowledged in a shared byline. To all my partners, thank you.

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Selected activist writings

  1. Gerald McWorter. 1968 (March). A choice of forms: The nature and needs of the Black university. Negro Digest Vol. 42 No. 5: 4-13. pdf
  2. Abdul Alkalimat. The significance of the February 1st Movement: Black students and the united front against imperialism. Keynote talk at the First Organizational Conference of the February First Movement. December 27, 1974. Princeton, NJ. pdf
  3. Abdul Alkalimat. 1981. Building Unity for the Revolution: Theme for Black Liberation Month 1981. Peoples College, Chicago. pdf
  4. Abdul Alkalimat. 1993. Conference program, Detroit Remembers Malcolm X on the 25th anniversary of the League of Revolutionary Black Workers Conference, Wayne State University, Detroit, July 23-25, 1993. Organized by the National Organizing Committee, Chicago, with five sponsoring organizations. pdf
  5. Abdul Alkalimat, ed. 2004. Cyberorganizing. A compilation of ten articles by Abdul Alkalimat and Kate Williams. For the Murchison Community Center. 2004. Africana Studies Program, University of Toledo. pdf
  6. Saladin Muhammad and Abdul Alkalimat, eds. 2015 (February). Towards Black liberation: Dispatches from the Black Left Unity Network (BLUN). pdf
  7. Abdul Alkalimat. 2021. Twenty-First Century Class Struggle. Four talks given for the Southern Workers Assembly. pdf